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JinShao Food CO.,LTD has pass the OFDC organic food assessment
2007-9-22 17:29:33
On May 20th, 2006, Mr LuDong and WangHongbing, the inspector of Nanjing States Central organic products Demonstration Center (OFDC),came to our company for organic products inspection and passed. And then we were waiting for the OFDC organic certification.

OFDC Certified products can be exported to which regions ?

(1) In addition to Mainland China,OFDC certified products can be saled in Hong Kong, Macao and TaiWan region.

(2) OFDC certified products are generally recognized in the market of Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, etc.).

(3) OFDC Certified products are also recognized by South Korea, Australia and so on.And enter the market of these countries.

(4) OFDC also get the certification approval of national Regulatory Commission (CNCA),and organic certification inspection by the famous American organic certification agencies OCIA and the famous Japanese organic certification agencies JONA . After that,the products can be exported to Japan, the United States, Canada and the European Union and so on.

(5) What's more,OFDC gets the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) recognition at the end of December 2002.According to IFOAM accreditation rules,the organic certification agencies that approved by IFOAM can implement the scheme each other.Therefore, OFDC Certified products are widely accepted by the other more than 30 organic certification agencies which are IFOAM recognized in the world , such as OCIA, QAI in United States ,JONA in Japan and KRAV in Sweden,etc..

What is IFOAM?

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements(IFOAM), founded in 1972, is headquartered in Germany.Is composed by more than 100 countries, more than 750 members, is the most influential organizations of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture in the world. IFOAM supports the global and transnational and trans-regional cooperation.The certification agencies which are IFOAM accredited use the public logo, and establish the Organic Agriculture Movements Court of Arbitration. Therefore,for the organic certification agencies, IFOAM access can promote them to become a better, more authoritative certification bodies. At present, OFDC is the only one that is IFOAM accredited .

The four cardinal principles of organic agriculture passed through IFOAM World Congress in 2005 :

1. health principles: organic agriculture should keep and enhance the soil, plants, animals and human health as a whole, these four aspects are inseparable.

2. ecological principles: organic agriculture should be based on the fresh ecological system and ecological cycle, with the coordination, follow them and to preserve them.

3. principle of fairness: organic agriculture should make sure that the relationship between the public environment and the survival opportunity is fair.

4. Caring principles: organic agriculture should be have a responsible management, to protect the health, welfare and the environment for present and future generations .

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